How to Find Lost Money This Holiday Season

Hey Clients!

Today we wanted to share something with you that can result in finding some unclaimed money or property that may rightfully belong to you, without you knowing. This quick tip can potentially result in some extra cash for the upcoming holidays.

For over 50 years, the State of Texas has been able to return over $3 Billion in unclaimed property to their rightful owners. The State of Texas has been requiring entities such as businesses, universities, government offices, and financial institutions to report any personal property that remains unclaimed by the rightful owner.

Unclaimed property can be items such as:

  • Bank accounts
  • Payroll or cashier’s checks
  • Cash, Stocks, Bonds, or investment accounts
  • Refunds or deposits from utility bills
  • Money owed from insurance proceeds
  • Mineral rights interest or royalty payments
  • Court Deposits, money from escrow accounts or trust funds
  • Over-payment refunds on past bills or insurance

Finding out whether you have any outstanding money belonging to you is as easy as a quick search using the State’s sponsored website.

You can begin by visiting the link below:

Once on the website, you can fill out the search box (as pictured above) with your First and Last Name. You can also search using your business entity’s name if applicable. After running the search, the website will generate a list of any personal unclaimed property that may belong to you. If you find any unclaimed property that is rightfully owned by you, select the “Claim” option and follow the instructions given. Be sure to search using all past aliases or maiden names, if necessary. 

Let us know if you were able to claim anything significant!

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