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Filing Status Considerations: Divorce

What are filing status considerations?If you’re separated, considering a divorce, or are already divorced, you should be aware of the income tax ramifications of your divorce-related financial decisions. An important…
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Updating Your Tax Withholdings

If you fail to estimate your federal income tax withholding properly, it may cost you in a variety of ways. If you receive an income tax refund, it essentially means…
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IRA and Retirement Plan Limits for 2020

If you or your spouse currently have multiple Individual Retirement Accounts open, please contact us to consider consolidating those accounts. Having multiple IRAs open can result in excessive management costs…
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SECURE Act Important Retirement Plan Changes

The $1.4 trillion spending package enacted on December 20, 2019, included the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act, which had overwhelmingly passed the House of Representatives in…
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A Reality Check For Holiday Spenders

During the holiday season, like many people, you’re probably finding that in the process of spreading good cheer you’ve spent too much money. Along with needing to trim a few…
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Tax Planning for the Self Employed

Understand Self-Employment Tax and How It’s Calculated As a starting point, make sure that you understand (and comply with) your federal tax responsibilities. The federal government uses self-employment tax to…
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In Search of the Right Financial Advisor

The challenge for most people today is finding the right financial advisor. The sheer number of financial professionals holding themselves out as “financial advisors,” makes it a daunting task at…
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Establishing a budget

Do you ever wonder where your money goes each month? Does it seem like you’re never able to get ahead? If so, you may want to establish a budget to…
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